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UNDP Homebased International Consul 01 International Consultant to provide technical assistance on the Assessment of industrial and production sectors that present opportunities for the introduction of Green Chemistry and energy saving 2018-10-30 2018-10-18
UNDP St. Kitts and Nevis, BARBADOS International Consul BBRSO50799 : Protected Areas Legislation Alignment Consultancy2018-10-30 2018-10-18
UNDP St. Kitts and Nevis, BARBADOS International Consul BBRSO50800: Sustainable site-based protected areas financing plan consultancy2018-10-30 2018-10-18
UNDP New York, United States P2 * Partnership Portfolio Analyst2018-10-30 2018-10-18
UNDP West Bank, Palestine SB4 * Field Monitoring Officer2018-10-30 2018-10-18
UN OCHA NEW YORK P-4 Information Management Officer [Temporary] - Information and Telecommunication Technology, Information and Telecommunication Technology2018-10-30 2018-10-18
UN OCHA JALALABAD P-4 Humanitarian Affairs Officer (TJO) [Temporary] - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Humanitarian Affairs2018-10-30 2018-10-18
WFP South Sudan Short term opportunities Monitoring Assistant SC52018-10-30 2018-10-18
WFP South Sudan Short term opportunities Programme Policy Consultant (CBT)2018-10-30 2018-10-18
UNDP YAOUNDE, CAMEROON Intern Intern - Monitoring and evaluation2018-10-31 2018-08-15
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland D2 Chief Executive Officer Health | Programme Management2018-10-31 2018-09-20
UNU istrative">Administrative / Other Pos. Communications Officer 2018•09•28  Personnel Service Agreement (PSA) Communications Officer2018-10-31 2018-09-29
UNICEF Hungary ICS-05  Call for Interest for Human Resources Assistants (HR Administration), GS-5, UNICEF Global Shared Services Centre, Budapest Hungary2018-10-31 2018-10-02
UNFPA Guatemala City, Guatemala ICS-12  UNFPA Representative, Guatemala, P-52018-10-31 2018-10-04
WHO Nicaragua-Managua NO-C Fixed-term appointment Specialist, Noncommunicable Diseases2018-10-31 2018-10-10
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P3 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Technical Officer2018-10-31 2018-10-10
WHO Cameroon-Yaounde G4 Individual service contractor Assistant Logisticien2018-10-31 2018-10-10
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P2 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Technical Officer2018-10-31 2018-10-10
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P4 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Technical Officer2018-10-31 2018-10-10
WFP Mali Long term opportunities AVIATION ASSISTANT G5"FLIGHT FOLLOWER"2018-10-31 2018-10-10
UNICEF United States ICS-11  Humanitarian Access Policy Specialist, P-4, Office of Emergency Programmes (EMOPS), NYHQ2018-10-31 2018-10-11
UNICEF Bulgaria   Communication for Partnerships Officer (NO-1), Sofia, Bulgaria2018-10-31 2018-10-11
UNICEF Turkey ICS-06  Programme Associate, GS-6, FTA, Gaziantep (MENARO out posted Office)2018-10-31 2018-10-11
WHO Bangladesh-Dhaka P4 Fixed-term appointment Technical Officer - Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation2018-10-31 2018-10-11
WHO Seychelles-Victoria P4 External consultant Consultant (Technical support HIV, STIs and Hepatitis testing and treatment guidelines)2018-10-31 2018-10-11
UNICEF United States ICS-14  Director, Office of Internal Audit & Investigation (OIAI), D2, New York,USA2018-10-31 2018-10-13
UNICEF Zimbabwe   Technology for Development Officer,(NO-2), Harare, Zimbabwe (2 year fixed term contract)2018-10-31 2018-10-16
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Intern Translation Internship (Spanish)2018-10-31 2018-10-16
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Intern Translation Internship (French)2018-10-31 2018-10-16
UNICEF Morocco ICS-10  TA Health & Nutrition Specialist, P3, Rabat, Morocco #1080612018-10-31 2018-10-17
UNICEF India   Chief Social Policy (Chennai Social Policy Section), NO-D, Chennai, India, Post Number 104058 - Re-advertisement (This vacancy is for Indian Nationals only)2018-10-31 2018-10-17
UNDP Port Moresby, Varirata National Park, Lumi/Drekikir, East and West Sepik Province and YUS, Kabwum, M International Consul Team Leader (international consultant) Mid-Term Project Review2018-10-31 2018-10-17
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Intern Digital Communications Intern (Photography Digital Asset Management)2018-10-31 2018-10-17
UNDP Home-based, with possible missions International Consul Vetted Experts Roster: Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction, Response and Recovery Roster2018-10-31 2018-10-17
UNDP Amman, JORDAN Intern Intern: Resilience and Empowerment Unit2018-10-31 2018-10-17
UNDP Yangon, MYANMAR International Consul 2018/PROC/UNDP-MMR/PN/125, International Gender Technical Expert2018-10-31 2018-10-17
UNDP Copenhagen, DENMARK GS-6 Human Resources Associate (ROSTER RECRUITMENT)2018-10-31 2018-10-17
UNDP Amman, JORDAN Intern Internship - Call for Applications2018-10-31 2018-10-17
WHO Nigeria-Bauchi NO-C Individual service contractor Monitoring and Evaluation Officer - NWZ (Kano)2018-10-31 2018-10-17
WHO Nigeria-Ibadan NO-C Individual service contractor Monitoring and Evaluation Officer - SWZ2018-10-31 2018-10-17
WHO Nigeria-Port Harcourt NO-C Individual service contractor Monitoring and Evaluation Officer - SSZ2018-10-31 2018-10-17
WHO Nigeria-Enugu NO-C Individual service contractor Monitoring and Evaluation Officer - SEZ2018-10-31 2018-10-17
WHO Nigeria NO-B Individual service contractor Cluster Coordinator (Benue State)2018-10-31 2018-10-17
WHO Nigeria NO-B Individual service contractor Cluster Coordinator (Nasarawa State)2018-10-31 2018-10-17
WFP Italy Short term opportunities Internship - Data Scientist/GIS, Vulnerability Assessment & Mapping, Rome, Italy2018-10-31 2018-10-17
UNOPS Mogadishu, Somalia LICA Specialist-8 Re-advertisement - ICT Officer IT2018-10-31 2018-10-18
UNOPS Bangkok, Thailand LICA-6 Portfolio Associate Project Management2018-10-31 2018-10-18
UNOPS Freetown, Sierra Leone IICA-1 Programme Analyst (Technical Assistance & Capacity Building) Programme Management2018-10-31 2018-10-18
UNICEF Panama   INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY FOR Adolescent Mental Health in Latin America and the Caribbean2018-10-31 2018-10-18
UNICEF Sudan   Education Officer (Child Friendly Schools), NO-B, Temporary Appointment (364 days), Khartoum, Sudan (Open to Nationals of Sudan ONLY)2018-10-31 2018-10-18

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